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My first icon post. Woo.

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Yay =) Thank you!

I wanted it to say "come on and kick me" but fading it together took way too much space, so LJ woudln't let you upload it.

So I cut it to "kick me." I'm sorry. I hope you like 'em.
wow... very very nice! :)
Thank you.

You're not so bad yerself, Mrs. Vin Diesel. :P

But seriously, YOU think it's nice? It feels so...mine, not good like OTHER peoples. ;) ;)
It feels so...mine

they ARE yours... its just easy to tell that YOU made them, hence theyre original... u wouldnt be here if they werent good :)
Thank you!! :D I love them all. (All of the icons too.. they are all great!)
yay. enjoy. :D

Hi! I really liked your Fiona Apple icon on your site, & I was wondering if you could do the exact same thing (with the words & everything) with a picture of me?
Sure. Why not.

And thank you. :D
Will u make me a blue crush icon? plz post me bacK! thx!