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Mother told me to be something.

I made some icons. I got a bunch more pictures, but I feel like being giddy and showing these off.

The last one is my favourite line from my favourite Matt Good Band song. Yes, I'm a weirdo.
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I especially like the first one in each row!
Well, um, thank you, sug. ;)
i like the first 2 icons in the first row... but i like the middle one better... has like an 'alternative band' feel.
Man of action? ;)

'Alternative band' feel? Hehe. Thanks, Cin.
I Love your work! Very nice. Do you Have Time for a request?
Shore. I guess. ;)
Can you make an icon that is black backround with little pink hearts everywhere and in white and light blue writing put "Chelsy Loves Dan" and under it in cute letters(blinking or something) put "We go together"