the mysterious miss jane (ivoryocean) wrote in originalicons,
the mysterious miss jane

my new icons

sorry haven't been keeping up with the people who want to join...i will get to you guys..dont worry :) might take a bit seeing how i've been busy
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Hehe, sorry if I kind of bombarded you with e-mails. But I'm guessing most of those links won't be working by now, is it okay if I send you a new one? (Honestly, I feel bad.)

And to be a total suck up (and not really), I really like the second one, along with the reast of your icons.)

*gets out of Jane's face*
please do send a new one :) i'm going to be going over submissions this weekend :)

and thank you!
Thanks. :D

BTW, your site looks great. I love the Art section. I am a total bummer with sitebuilding, so to me, it's reaaaallly cool-looking. :D
love the first one. :)
thanks :)